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Cultural Diversity Week 2024!

18 – 24 March – Unity Celebration

Cultural Diversity Week celebrates the rich tapestry of cultures, traditions, and perspectives that shape our society. It is a time  to embrace the uniqueness of individuals and communities, fostering understanding and respect. Through events, workshops, and discussions, the week aims to promote inclusivity and celebrate the contributions of all cultural groups. It encourages dialogue and reflection on the importance of diversity in building vibrant and harmonious communities. By recognizing and valuing cultural differences, we can create a more tolerant and interconnected world where everyone feels accepted and valued, regardless of their background.

  1. Multilingual story time
  2. Flamenco & Accordian performances
  3. Movie time! – screening: The Defiant Ones

Please find all information regarding the events on Kingston Council website https://www.kingston.vic.gov.au/community/events/upcoming-events/cultural-diversity-week