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Hens Night into a Hens Day!

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Your ‘wild’ night as a single gal before you’re off to be to hitched. Hens nights through the years have been seen to be quite a rager with phallic straws and perhaps even more memorable than the wedding day. However, we’ve seen a that trend slowly change in the recent years with hens days now making there way into a day time event. We’ve got listed here our top 3 picks for classic, elegant day time hens night.

1. High Tea!

There’s nothing more elegant than having a High Tea. It’s a perfect time to catch up on girly gossip and play some wedding games. And nothing is cuter than petite treats. High Tea essentially replaces lunch for the day at a cheaper price. At the Buckingham, high tea is $39.00/pp with a glass of French sparkling wine. We’ve listed a few places within the bayside area that also do high tea.


2. Canapes

Canapes are an option for those whom want a more relaxed feel to their hens day event. Having a variety of catering can be pleasing to many with the option to sample different foods. This does not even have to be done at a venue. Why not dish up your favourite mini foods in the comfort of your own home?


3. Group Massage Day

Now this one doesn’t involve necessarily, however having a pampering session with your girlfriends just before the wedding – cannot get better than that! Endota Spa offers group packages for celebrate any occasion. Each treatment is tailored to meet the important needs of the group and definitely will help unwind all that wedding stress.