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Is this the Buckingham where” Kath and Kim” was shot once?

Yes, every now and then we get asked this question and I thought of writing about it.

We still have many guests from England who would be very eager to collect souvenirs such as our Pens or a photo near the room where “Kath and Kim” stayed for their memories.

For those of you who don’t know what ‘Kath and Kim’ is about? Here is some information …

Kath & Kim is a character-driven Australian television situation comedy series. The series main characters consist of Kath Day-Knight, a cheerful 50-year-old woman, her self-indulgent daughter Kim Craig, Kath’s boyfriend and second husband, the metro-sexual Kel Knight, as well as Kim’s estranged husband Brett Craig and her lonely, overweight “second best friend” Sharon Strzelecki. The series is set in the fictional suburb of Fountain Lakes in Melbourne. It is primarily filmed in Patterson Lakes.

There also did a movie called “Kath and Kimdrella” which was released in Cinemas in 2012; in the movie, they go on overseas trip and end up being the center of their own fairytale.

PS: They stayed in Room 40 on their visit to Buckingham, in case if you want to request the same room on your next visit.