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Mother’s Day: Out of the Box Gifts

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, International Siblings Day, World Poetry Day , International Migratory Bird day… etc  etc etc

When does it end? Is this really necessary? Is it really as important to honour the migrating birds of the world as it is to consider the love sacrifice and (let’s face it) sufferance, of every Mother and Father on this earth?

The obvious answer is no. Don’t let the overwhelming number of awareness days take your attention away from the ones that truly matter. E.G. Mother’s day  Sunday May 13TH (AU)

Don’t fall into the cynical, commercialised trap of a card, flowers and/or some terrible homemade art. That’s just what the card companies want you to do.

So this year, fight the system!

To get you started consider these alternative Mother’s Day Ideas:

  • Frame a Photo
    • The framed photo is an under-rated and meaningful gift in the digital age
    • It’s simple, cheap, and fail safe
  • Engrave a message on… something
    • Necklace, bracelet, personal cutlery, thermos, tray, a photo frame… you get the idea
    • It may seem tawdry but engraving is the classiest type of personalisation
    • And you can feel good about giving some money to those weird middle-of-the-mall watchmaker/shoe-repairer stalls. How do they even stay in business? Well, now you’ll know that it’s partly due to you! Congrats
  • Plant/ Succulent
    • Like flowers but you get better value for money because they will take longer to die
    • Unlike children succulents thrive on neglect so that’ll be a nice change for Mum
  • Pottery Class
    • It’s like the cliché piece of bad pottery  we all gave our parents in primary school, but,  (hopefully) better
    • This is a new and different experience you get together and you leave with your own memento!
    • For Example, look at what’s on offer at http://www.bendigopottery.com.au/things-to-see-do/
  • Hike and Picnic
    • *not for all mums. You should know if she’d like this. And if you don’t then… maybe the card and flowers IS the option for you after all
  • Red Balloon*
  • High Tea
    • Spend time eating fine and drinking sparkling wine
    • The most valuable gift is your time and attention… aaaw
    • For examples of High Tea Options Check Out Busby’s High Tea This Mother’s Day!