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DIY Wedding Ideas

A wedding can be expensive. Once you add up all the costs, the dress, catering, venue – it can all add up. 
Why not lessen the costs for your wedding with this simple DIY projects which don’t take long, don’t cost much and still look professionally made. 
1. Wedding Favors
It’s always nice to give back to your guests for attending such a momentous occasion. Since all your guests may have different tastes in gifts a great DIY favor idea are “Charitable Wedding Favors”.
Making a donation to your chosen charity that may have some effect on the one you love or someone you know is always going benefit an individual. Planting a tree in the name of each guest or donating money that would be spent on favors to the needy is a way that the money spent on favors is put to good use. To inform guests that the money has gone towards a charity, a handwritten card is to each guest will be their keepsake.
2. Placecards
Possibly the easiest thing to make. Making a placecard can be made in a matter minutes. Stencils can be found online for each letter and a font of your choice. The thing you may need to spend money on is the type of paper but since place cards are not large you may get away with purchasing a few pieces of paper and manage to get most of your placecards done. No need to spend money on fancy 3b60def25f1c36160b8e459940b316cfpens or  even calligraphist to do them for you.
3. Candle Centerpiece
Centerpieces are usually difficult to get right. There’s usually too much going on, not enough going on or even the centerpieces may be too high that you can’t see the people sitting opposite you or can’t see the bridal table. Candle centerpieces are very popular especially to add ambience the room and doing them at cheaper price is possible.
Place three wine glasses upside down on the center of the table and simply put a wide cylindrical candle or tealight candle ontop of the base. The bottom or under the wine glasses can be decorated with fresh flowers.
Your own wine glasses can be usesd, wine glasses from a op shop are usually cheap and you can always reuse them for yourself however the venue may be kind enough to provide these. Candles are very indiy-wedding-ideas-14expensive, a pack of 100 tea light candles for $9.95 can be found at major outlets.