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How to cook the perfect steak?

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Cooking a steak can be quite daunting, however if you’re wanting to cook to impress a steak will do just that. There are so many cuts of steaks, from porterhouse, eye fillet, rib-eye, sirloin and rump. These can be found a supermarket or nearby butcher at affordable prices. To cook the perfect steak there are a few guidelines that will not only impress your guests but yourself!
Firstly, before you start heating the pan and marinating the steak, remove the steak the fridge and make sure it is at room temperature at least an hour before you start cooking it. As for the surface that you will be cooking your steak on, make sure this is extremely hot! This will help the meat be beautifully caramelised and allow for a crust to form.
Secondly, always aim to cook your steak medium rare – medium. If you cook it anymore, although still edible the steak will be awfully tough. Turning it every minute will ensure it is cooking through evenly.
Lastly, allow for the steak to rest. This is let the steak cook slowly once off the heat. Once ready to eat, add a touch of virgin olive oil,  butter or possibly whip up your favourite and enjoy!